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Our culture

At DMD, we promote a culture of respect and equal opportunity for all.
We bring people from different walks of life together to strive towards our vision.

Our values

DMD extends a warm welcome to all. It is with pride that we elucidate our core values and bring their significance to light.
Members of the DMD family are expected to exhibit a passion for and commitment to their work ethic. It is a fundamental expectation that every individual within DMD embraces our core values, as they serve as guiding principles.

Our vision

“To be a centre of excellence for effective and  efficient legal solutions.
To be a trusted advisor and enable businesses with integrity and collaboration.”


We harbour a sense of ownership of our roles and responsibilities. We approach our work with focus and enthusiasm to make a positive impact.


We deeply value respect at all levels and in all aspects of our organisation. We promote and uphold a culture of treating everyone with fairness and dignity.


We firmly believe in the value of building trust with our clients, seniors, colleagues, and staff by fostering responsible and honest working relationships.


Our dedication is unwavering, and we are committed to delivering exceptional legal services to our clients.

Join Us

Legal Professionals

If you are someone who gets excited about working with brilliant minds who are determined to make an impact, then join us!


Our internship program is focused on providing practical learning experiences to students, giving them an opportunity to directly work with visionary minds.

Why work with DMD?

Robust career development

sets you up for a successful career

Open work environment

promotes the exchange of knowledge

Hybrid work model

embraces flexibility and collaboration

Mentorship program

supports promising and committed minds

Friendly policies

foster an ambitious and inclusive environment

Team off-sites

provides rejuvenation and strengthens bonds


Equality and non-discrimination

We are an equal-opportunity firm and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any bias or discrimination. We strongly believe in equality for all, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, orientation, economic status, or disability. We value diversity in the workforce and consistently make efforts to create an inclusive and supportive workplace where everyone is valued and treated with respect.

Our people speak

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